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Performance Art

Cocktail: Liquid Seduction
Inspired by: Michael Shaowanasai's Exotic 101 (1997) as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

The instructional video of pole dancing at the National Gallery Singapore showcases Michael Shaowanasai’s wry commentary on Thailand’s sex tourism. It was made in 1997, the year of the Asian Financial Crisis which was triggered by the devaluation of Thai baht that caused the country to face financial meltdown. The sex tourism industry relied heavily on the rural poor, and their living conditions and unemployment rate were exacerbated by the crisis. The invitation to the viewer to participate in the work highlights the construction of this “exotic ideal” of Asia.

Liquid Seduction is inspired by the strength and grace of a pole dancer. It packs a punch of flavours with a subtle spiced kick that allows you to experience the art of pole dancing in a glass.

*This cocktail contains anise.

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