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Cocktail: Heartstrings
Inspired by: "You Are My Sunshine” Song and Ng Eng Teng's Mother and Child (1996) Sculpture as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

The bronze sculpture belongs to the iconic “Mother and Child” series created by the artist. Ng Eng Teng, whose oeuvre dealt primarily with the figure and the human condition, believed that humanity began with the family where children would learn values through the dynamic relationships with their parents. The artist has articulated the supportive role that a mother plays in her offspring's life through various compositions, making the mother and child a recurring motif in his body of works. Some sculptures, for instance, poignantly portray the child sitting restfully on the mother’s lap or in her embracing arms. In this particular work, the mother’s large hands protectively press her child close to her side.

Through the Heartstrings cocktail, feel the emotional ties between a parent and a child inspired by the timeless song “You Are My Sunshine”. Each taste will envelop you in the warmth of love and the beauty of an unbreakable bond, just like Wee Siong and his twin sons.

*This cocktail contains caffeine and lactose.

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