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Cocktail: Moro Rhapsody
Inspired by: Moro Dance as seen on Galo B. Ocampo's Moro Dance (1946) at the National Gallery Singapore

In this work, Galo B. Ocampo depicts a dancing female figure using bright colours, bold lines, and stylised floral patterns. The composition of the painting reflects a rejection of the academic linear perspective. Instead, it features a flat surface with interweaving patterns, possibly inspired by the decorative designs of the international Art Nouveau movement. This demonstrates Ocampo’s position as a modernist painter, while the subject matter shows his interest in representing indigenous communities. “Moro” is a term used to describe Muslim communities living in the Philippines. Here, the indigenous dancer showcases her skill in a distinctly non-European dance form.

With each sip of the tropical Moro Rhapsody cocktail, be transported to the vibrant world of the Moro dance, a traditional Filipino art form that celebrates the resilience and strength of its people. Feel the rhythm of Mel's homeland pulsing through you.

*This cocktail contains nuts.

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