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The Real Art Of Drinking


Cocktail: Bridge Of Glory
Inspired by: National Gallery Singapore’s City Hall Wing

City Hall, the former Municipal Building, opened in 1929 and has a long and colourful history. Completed in 1929, the building was constructed to house the Municipal Council and its various departments. It was later occupied by Japanese authorities during World War II, as well as government and ministry offices post-independence. In 1992, the City Hall and former Supreme Court buildings are declared national monuments. Today, City Hall forms one wing of the National Gallery Singapore, holding the historical City Hall Chamber that has hosted many significant events in Singapore's history.

Just like the iconic architecture, the Bridge of Glory cocktail is a tribute to the art of mixology, crafted with precision and care. Sip on history as you take in its majestic presence at Smoke & Mirrors.


Cocktail: License To Kill
Inspired by: James Bond

More than just a delicious drink, the License To Kill cocktail is an homage to the iconic James Bond and his signature Vesper cocktail. Taking inspiration from the timeless classic and adding our own twist, a bold and refined variation that captures the essence of the international spy is born. The name itself is a nod to Bond's infamous license to kill, while the cocktail's sophisticated and mysterious flavours embody the intrigue and excitement of a Bond film. Enter a world of glamour, espionage, and indulgence – just like the legendary spy himself.

*This cocktail contains gluten.


Cocktail: Sticky Fingers
Inspired by: Sticky Toffee Pudding

Indulge in the art of cooking with our Sticky Fingers cocktail, a tribute to the culinary artisans who elevate taste and presentation to an art form. This multi-faceted creation takes inspiration from the beloved dessert, sticky date pudding, and adds a unique twist. With layers of rich flavours and a velvety texture, embark on a delicious journey through the dessert's classic elements.

*This cocktail contains lactose, eggs, dates and gluten.


Cocktail: Moro Rhapsody
Inspired by: Moro Dance as seen on Galo B. Ocampo's Moro Dance (1946) at the National Gallery Singapore

In this work, Galo B. Ocampo depicts a dancing female figure using bright colours, bold lines, and stylised floral patterns. The composition of the painting reflects a rejection of the academic linear perspective. Instead, it features a flat surface with interweaving patterns, possibly inspired by the decorative designs of the international Art Nouveau movement. This demonstrates Ocampo’s position as a modernist painter, while the subject matter shows his interest in representing indigenous communities. “Moro” is a term used to describe Muslim communities living in the Philippines. Here, the indigenous dancer showcases her skill in a distinctly non-European dance form.

With each sip of the tropical Moro Rhapsody cocktail, be transported to the vibrant world of the Moro dance, a traditional Filipino art form that celebrates the resilience and strength of its people. Feel the rhythm of Mel's homeland pulsing through you.

*This cocktail contains nuts.

Installation Art

Cocktail: Round & Round
Inspired by: Yayoi Kusama

Known for her love of polka dots and vibrant colors, Yayoi Kusama's artwork has captured the hearts of art enthusiasts worldwide. Our Round & Round cocktail draws inspiration from the playful patterns that have become synonymous with her work, with each element carefully crafted to reflect the joy and energy of Kusama's art. As you take a sip, you will enter a world of sensory delights, with each layer of flavour delivering a unique experience. Just as Kusama's art draws you in with its intricate details, our cocktail is designed to stimulate your senses and leave you with a lasting impression.

*This cocktail contains egg, grape, anise, cinnamon, fennel, pepper and cloves.


Cocktail: Kiss of Revival
Inspired by: Snow White

Immerse yourself in the enchanting German tale of Snow White with the Kiss of Revival cocktail. Each sip embodies the pure essence of the story's beloved protagonist, with a stunning presentation that will transport you straight to the heart of the fairytale. Featuring an apple twist, this cocktail pays homage to the iconic symbol that lures Snow White into a deep sleep. Served in a witch's cauldron vessel and garnished with smoky accents, the drink is truly fit for a fairytale. As you savour the flavors and bask in the whimsical atmosphere, you will feel as though you have stepped into the pages of a storybook.


Cocktail: Heartstrings
Inspired by: "You Are My Sunshine” Song and Ng Eng Teng's Mother and Child (1996) Sculpture as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

The bronze sculpture belongs to the iconic “Mother and Child” series created by the artist. Ng Eng Teng, whose oeuvre dealt primarily with the figure and the human condition, believed that humanity began with the family where children would learn values through the dynamic relationships with their parents. The artist has articulated the supportive role that a mother plays in her offspring's life through various compositions, making the mother and child a recurring motif in his body of works. Some sculptures, for instance, poignantly portray the child sitting restfully on the mother’s lap or in her embracing arms. In this particular work, the mother’s large hands protectively press her child close to her side.

Through the Heartstrings cocktail, feel the emotional ties between a parent and a child inspired by the timeless song “You Are My Sunshine”. Each taste will envelop you in the warmth of love and the beauty of an unbreakable bond, just like Wee Siong and his twin sons.

*This cocktail contains caffeine and lactose.


Cocktail: Dawn of Romance
Inspired by: San Minn's Age of Full Bloom (1979) as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

This painting was produced after San Minn’s release from Insein Prison, where he was interned between 1974 and 1978 for participation in civil resistance at Rangoon University against the perceived mistreatment by the government of a Burmese diplomat’s funeral. The work embodies his optimistic outlook toward artistic experimentation and renewed joy in painting. A bouquet of pink roses blooms from a young woman’s neck, around which hangs a pendant that reads “LOVE.” When Age of Full Bloom was submitted for an exhibition in Yangon in 1979, the censorship board rejected it and stamped “not allowed to show” on the canvas. The officials deemed the headless figure and the stars on her blouse—which the artist painted for aesthetic reasons—as a reflection of his negative views of the state’s Socialist ideology. The stamps have faded over time, but are still visible.

The Dawn of Romance cocktail is a revitalised interpretation of a spirit-forward Negroni that draws inspiration from this painting, echoing San Minn's embracing of life and its opportunities. A hand-painted sun on the glass represents a beacon of sunshine, even on one's darkest days.

*This cocktail contains milk and nuts.

Performance Art

Cocktail: Liquid Seduction
Inspired by: Michael Shaowanasai's Exotic 101 (1997) as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

The instructional video of pole dancing at the National Gallery Singapore showcases Michael Shaowanasai’s wry commentary on Thailand’s sex tourism. It was made in 1997, the year of the Asian Financial Crisis which was triggered by the devaluation of Thai baht that caused the country to face financial meltdown. The sex tourism industry relied heavily on the rural poor, and their living conditions and unemployment rate were exacerbated by the crisis. The invitation to the viewer to participate in the work highlights the construction of this “exotic ideal” of Asia.

Liquid Seduction is inspired by the strength and grace of a pole dancer. It packs a punch of flavours with a subtle spiced kick that allows you to experience the art of pole dancing in a glass.

*This cocktail contains anise.


Cocktail: Say Cheese!
Inspired by: Lim Kwong Ling's [Not Titled] (1970s) as seen at the National Gallery Singapore

The print by Lim Kwong Ling shows a view of the Singapore River, a popular subject for painters and photographers in the 1960s and 1970s. The aerial river view was taken from atop the 52-storey OCBC Centre when construction was near completion. Before the decade-long clean-up effort was initiated in 1977, the Singapore River was heavily polluted, bustling with trade, and filled with bumboats. These river views document the changes taking place in the city-state as it experienced rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Lim Kwong Ling only started learning photography in his thirties when he began taking adult classes taught by Lee Sow Lim and the Photographic Society of Singapore (PSS) in the early 1960s. By the early 1970s, Lim’s focus had shifted from pictorial to documentary photography, reflecting a more realist approach to image-making.

An ode to photography inspired by Lim Kwong Ling's photograph, Say Cheese! is a sepia-toned cocktail that captures your unforgettable moments at Smoke & Mirrors with a delightful instant image, creating a lasting memento of your visit.


Cocktail: A Wish
Inspired by: Trevi Fountain in Rome

The iconic Trevi Fountain in Rome is not only a stunning masterpiece of Baroque architecture but also holds a special significance with its traditional coin-throwing ritual. For centuries, the Trevi Fountain has been a symbol of love, hope, and prosperity in Rome. Legend has it that if you toss a coin over your shoulder into the fountain, you will ensure a return to Rome one day. Two coins guarantee a return trip and a new romance, while three coins signify a marriage in the near future.

Toss a coin as you order A Wish, and let your dreams come true, one sip at a time.

*This cocktail contains grape and caffeine.


Cocktail: Let's Get Inked
Inspired by: Traditional Native American Tribal Tattoos

The inspiration behind Let's Get Inked cocktail comes from the deep-rooted cultural significance of tattoos among Native Americans. For generations, tattoos have been used as a form of self-expression, storytelling, and tribal identity. The fusion of ingredients in this cocktail is inspired by the diverse flavours and cultural influences of the Americas. Each ingredient, from the bold bourbon to the smoky rum, is carefully chosen to reflect the diversity and vibrancy of the tattoo art form.

When it comes to presentation, the Let's Get Inked cocktail is a true work of art. The rice paper imagery featuring traditional Native American tattoos is a nod to the beauty and meaning behind this ancient art form.

Let's Get Inked tattoos featuring:
Bear - a medicine animal that represents introspection, intuition, and courage
Eagle - a sacred bird that represents spiritual protection, wisdom, and enlightenment
Dog - a sacred animal that serve as protectors and guides on spiritual journeys
Deer - a messenger that brings important messages from the spirit world
Wolf - a teacher and pathfinder that leads the way to new adventures and experiences

*This cocktail contains gluten, eggs and pork.

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