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Roku Gin - Sakura Bloom

1 Apr to 24 May

Enjoy three exclusive cocktails created to celebrate Roku Sakura Blossom edition and receive a limited edition scent by Maison 21G.

Roku Sakura Blossom edition captures the freshness and brightness of Springtime and the Hanami Festival, bringing a soft and elegant sweet floral taste, layered with hints of saltiness from the blossom leaves.

Receive a limited edition 2.1ml Spring Kaze scent by the luxury fragrant house Maison 21G when your purchase these three cocktails at Smoke & Mirrors: The Manga - Roku Sakura Bloom | Mango Syrup | Strawberry | Ginger | Citrus Hanami - Black Pepper-infused Roku Gin | Campari | Lillet B | St. Germaine | Mint Sakurabito - Roku Sakura Bloom | Banana Yoghurt | Fresh Banana | Prosecco

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