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Art X Cocktail Tour



Discover a new way of taking in art through a docent-led tour and learn about the art pieces that inspired our signature Vol. III menu cocktails.

Elevate your evening and add a touch of culture to your happy hour with the perfect pairing of art and cocktails at the National Gallery Singapore!

Embark on a 60-minute art tour and explore works by talented Southeast Asian artists,

before heading up to the bar to enjoy a complimentary art-inspired cocktail from our signature menu: The Real Art of Drinking Volume III.

Volume III menu's vision encompasses the global tapestry of traditional and contemporary art concepts: Painting, Sculpture, Cinema, Music, Tattoo, Dance, Performance, Cooking, Architecture, Photography, Installation, and Literature — all serving as the wellsprings of inspiration for the 12 innovative libations. We have collaborated with the National Gallery Singapore to present to you a Art X Gallery tour.

Learn more about the inspiration behind our signature menu by booking your tour now to experience a new way of taking in art.

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