Smoke & Mirrors

Where To Party This Weekend If You're Not Interested In F1

You don't have to watch the races to enjoy the parties

Let’s be honest, as much as the Singapore Grand Prix has become a fixture for the last ten years, not all of us are into the actual racing right? If you’re not so keen on the actual track experience, perhaps some of the fringe parties will be more in your lane (bad pun intended). 

Whether you want to be near the action or not, every bar, hotel and restaurant in this city is going to be going through F1 fever, so it won’t be hard to pick something you like – near or far from the action. Here’s a few key options to suss out: 

Smoke & Mirrors

If you’re interested in checking out the race, even just a little bit, head over to Smoke & Mirrors on Friday, 15 September which gives you a view of the track in front of the Padang (though you won’t be able to catch a free glimpse of the concerts from here, the stage will be blocking your view!). 
The indoor lounge is priced at $98++ per person and includes three free drinks from a selection of house wine, draft beer, Lanson Champagne and Aperol Spumante cocktails. Limited outdoor tables are still available with a minimum spend per person of $128++

This adapted article was originally published in CLEO on September 6, 2017.